Top 10 smart tricks to Increase Mobile App Downloads

Today, app developers’ priority is to receive a large no. of app downloads because this leads the way to your app success. You have developed an app which works fluently with its amazing features, you love your app truly and it also works flawlessly on every device you tested it on. But there is only one single problem which is giving birth to other major problems. And the problem is -no one is downloading your app. It is not like you are suffering alone with this problem in fact many app developers face the same difficulty after publishing their apps on app store.

There you should not lose hope; you can still do many things to attract customer’s attention towards your app. if you want your app to flourish and to be used by no. of customers you can make it happen. After getting some downloads you will be able to get money, you will be able to reap profits coming from your app.

To grab audience attention, it needs little effort and the right knowledge to implement on how to do it. Today every app marketer is facing very tight competition in order to go ahead of competitors. If you are sitting around and hoping app users will magically migrate to your app, here you need to think again and very wisely. Best ways to boost your app downloads are given below.

Smart tricks to increase mobile app downloads-

  1. ASO- App Store Optimisation

App store optimization is the SEO of the app universe. ASO defines whether users will download your app or not. There are many aso companies in india. To have a solid ASO you should pay attention to below given points that are main factors of best aso service

  • Your app name should be unique, easy to pronounciate and must be memorable. As it is the very first thing about your app. so special attention should be given while naming the app. it affects future prospects.
  • Apps with popular keywords in their title and description. Your app description should have keyword, in long as well as short description in both. Keyword selection should also be done in careful manner. There must be relevant keywords related to app.
  • Adequate and simple screenshots to properly describe the app features and functions should be attached, it adds more meaning to your app page and people can take their first glance over your app’s display.
  • .you can add video; video somehow is more understanding than app screenshots because moving pictures explain more than stills. It developers interest in users mind if they find it useful from any angle. Video must not be boring but short and creative enough to describe itself in a very intelligible way.
  • Fill your app with positive reviews and ratings. 90% decisions are taken from only reviews and ratings. So try to get more reviews and rating from every users without disturbing.

2. Celebrity Endorsements

You can earn in millions if you invest some money on any celebrity endorsing your app. Celebrity endorsements are powerful. List of celebrity are there to promote your app and plenty of opportunities rise with this. If you have any connection in this specific industry it would be great for you to try this method. Having them promoting your app via social media or television or blog makes sure attract no. of customers. Obviously you want to use the product which is promoted by your favourite star. This will bring you a lot of customer for sure. Nowadays we have seen big celebrities promoting apps of different categories. Through this way you can get million of downloads within days + reputation also. It will reach your target customer boost your app downloads and app rankings in a very positive way.

3. Social media

Social media these days are very lively. Every person basically has now social accounts through which they get so many things enjoyment, information, shopping details, application knowledge and awareness. This is new way to promote your app. users of every kind are very much attentive or alert in social media. They send quick replies, they react, they post and they try also whatever useful they are suggested with. Social media do app promotions. There are two ways through which you can connect to your audience organic or paid. The social media platforms where apps tend to get most attention are-

Facebook, twitter, youtube, pinterest, linkedin, foursquare. 

Organic- organic promotions are easy and simple like having a presence with social media page or account like fb page, instagram account or twitter profiles etc. creating accounts and people follow your page. Target audience reach you. You can collect audience with posting useful, informative things, and posting attractive pictures about your app and its related work. People will join your group if they like it and download your app. like instagram where you can create an account on your app’s name and logo and post pictures like food related app with delicious meal pictures.

Paid- putting a bit of money behind your app promotion will boost your app discoverability. It makes your app more visible to target viewers. 

4. Market your app effectively 

Spread your advertising across the channels that are most popular with your target audience. It includes social media, sites like reddit and dig, content marketing, app directory sites, email marketing, relevant blogs /magazines. No. of downloads will come from organic searches but many will come from web version landing page.

5. Get lot of positive reviews

App reviews are the best way to describe an app that’s why most of people before downloading an app go for review because reviews never lie. 90-95% people basically rely on app reviews rather than given description of app by app developer. It is very important to hold positive reviews because reviews can make mind as well as change mind regarding downloading of an app. Those apps which have no reviews are rarely downloaded. So for getting lots of download you need to get more of reviews (highly positive reviews).

6. Work on keywords

You should sharpen your app’s keywords. Any keyword which you use should be accurate and important to your app and audience. If you full your descriptions with immaterial keywords your app mey lose credibility because of that and your downloads may suffer badly .Keywords should be selected very wisely because it has high search volume.

7. Website

You need to be present online for your app’s growth. People often visit site to see if app is real or fake. For enterprise brands, your app needs to be prominently featured across your site. It should have proper presence wherever it makes sense.

8. Updates and upgrades

Retention rate is very important for ranking of an app and for this you need to upload proper updates with upgrades. Users are tied to that app which updates itself from time to time. As you know updates and upgrades never harm any app but only fulfil goals and brings more downloads. Successful example like Hike and whatsapp which updates itself from time to time and it is very common for people to communicate through Whatsapp or hike now. Updates are beneficial it creates very strong bond between app and its users and also amuse and encourage to download the app by the prospective users.

9. Buying installs

You can buy installs where you will pay certain amount to the company for each install. CPI campaign can easily make your app into a winner. It will automatically high your organic downloads because people download only that app which has already conquered thousands of downloads. Also rate of positive reviews, ratings and keywords search will rise. Just pay some attention while buying on the company from where you are buying because it affects more whether you are receiving real installs or fake. Fake installs are always punished and can easily be detected by Google Play store.

 Above given 8points can help your business grow to more than millions of downloads in a year. You can also work on different things like app website and smart banner. Smart features and really unique functions of app is also a good mixture which really forces users to keep your app for long time. You can update your with new fantastic more features that never lets your app down anyway. Easy description and simple words can catch eye of any type of customer. You can go for Search Engine Optimisation. This factors contribute more of downloads and success of app. every app developer should try these and be confident with his app features. These two things will definitely turn your app like facebook, instagram, subway surfers, whatsapp, photo grid and many other successful apps. Gain of credibility, trust and amazing functions and goodwill will also flourish your future launched apps also without any efforts.

10.  Focus on your app features

Aso companies market your app features that are material information to target audience. Always design your app features in such a manner which is unbeatable and beats the competition. To go beyond the competition you need to get amazing icons, descriptions, features and function for your app.

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