Practical Guidance for App Store Optimization Analysis

Before starting the article we should know that what is app store optimization 

ASO:- Much as internet marketers use Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, to rate their web pages highly in the search results of Google, app developers need to use App Store Optimization, or ASO we can also say that for App Store Optimization Analysis- to get their app to the top of the search results of the app store. You will see it as an App Store SEO. 

In both the Apple App Store and Google Play, here are significant measures you’ll want to take to enhance your App Store Optimization Analysis.


  • Start with a Title Descriptive


What’s there in a name? Plenty, particularly if you’re talking about your app name and ASO.

Not only can a good name know what your app does for prospective customers, but it can also boost your rankings.

In this article, we highlighted how a good, meaningful title, with an example of how to make your app title relevant, will boost your ASO. In fact, it will help you rank at least 10 percent higher by including a keyword or two in the title of your app than if you didn’t have one. 

-The Apple App Store:- You get 255 characters from the Apple App Store for your word. So while a straightforward title can assist with your branding efforts, if you are trying to improve your Apple App Store Optimization Analysis– it will do you no favor’s.

Take the time to come up with a special, descriptive, and keyword-rich creative title; generating a title and then a subtitle with your keywords is not a bad idea. Doing so would also help you build market share and boost your ranking.

-The Google Play Store:- In the Google Play store, titles are treated a little differently. There for your word, you get a mere 30 characters, so you have to be incredibly succinct.

However for Android apps, you don’t have to be as worried about keywords in the title; for Google Play, as we describe in step two, the keywords should go in the summary.


  • Wisely Use Keywords:-


You only get 100 characters for all of your keywords with Apple, so obviously, you need to choose wisely; it should go without saying that you should get as close as you can possibly get to this 100 character limit.

There is no unique keyword area with Google Play, though. The overview of the app, however is searchable, and you have a handy 4000 characters to work with.

You’ll want to add the most significant keywords in your summary five times for the best ASO Analysis. Be careful not to overdo it though, keyword stuffing will penalize your app (just as keyword stuffing on a website will penalize your site by Google), resulting in a decrease in your rating. The trick is to make sure it reads well and makes sense for a person to read it, not just for the App Store algorithm! There is a fine line between optimizing your app description and filling it with keywords.


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