How to attract users on our Android apps?

Only publishing an app on the app store or app market is not the path to success. The main factor to your app’s success is its users. Users decide the fate of an app and for this you have to get lots of users. Users not only download your app but also rate and review it which is published by Google on app store so that people can get a better idea about your app before downloading and rating & reviews are also considered as very important factors for ranking algorithm. Downloads makes more downloads and better rating and reviews. Users are solely responsible of any app’s victory. So, as an app developer your main job is to get more and more customers, convince them in every possible way to download your app, excite them with your app’s charming features, make your app popular in every corner so that they badly need to download your app and see what’s inside in it. 

Now today’s main problem, app market is already holding maximum numbers of apps. Apps from different categories are by this time giving a very tough competition to each other. So, how are you going to get your downloads? This has led to increase in no of aso companies that offer services in app marketing.

Application features

Your app will turn in successful venture only when you put amazing stuffs inside. It simply means that you can’t impress people with serving only delicious looking food; it has to be good in taste also. Your app’s features are only responsible for your app’s retention rate and rankings also. Longer installs brings positive retention rate and keeps your app ranking high for long time. Features must be definite, confident easy to use and satisfied. Proper updates can do more progress.

Keyword research and optimisation is very essential for app’s success. Most of apps are searched organically. 63% of iOS users search app organically. Keywords should be wisely used and placed in title and description. . Any keyword which you use should be accurate and important to your app and audience. Hence using right keywords is very important for app’s success.

Also using services of app store optimization companies is helpful when you want to diversify your target audience. Some aso companies in India provide free ASO analysis of your app.

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