How Sampling Of Products Shapes The Purchasing Decision?

We all love freebies, be it a discount coupon, a gift voucher, or a cashback merely of a few bucks. We humans are wired in a way that we feel whatever comes for free has our special attention, and we relish that specific tangible or intangible advantage. Beauty brands and the cosmetic industry have, time and again through the online shopping apps used this aspect of human tendency to launch their new line of products to turn apprehensive consumers into raving fans. But when it comes to our health and persona, everything and anything won’t add much value until and unless we are sticking to the products that are meant for us.

These free trial samples available on makeup shopping apps, also known as sensory products, work wonders for brands who want to promote them and receive genuine feedback from customers. These customers involuntarily play the role of spreading the word about the product if they like. It can be anything ranging from a skincare kit, lip balm, perfume, or any other beauty and wellness product. They are termed sensory because they allow the consumers to touch, smell, and feel the product directly, and once endowed with even a single free trial pack, users feel obliged to purchase that particular item.

From the consumers’ perspective, the following is the list of factors that must be taken into account while selecting a free trial sample to shop makeup instead of getting attracted to literally every item offered by every famous and not-so-famous brand:

  • Reliance on reputed online portals only: Some multiple apps and websites outsource only the products of authenticated brands, and there are mobile apps that let users browse through a diverse range of products in the regular and luxury categories. One need not worry about being scammed if one orders trial samples from these reliable resources instead of depending on any XYZ platform pushing products without any credibility.
  • Information sharing should be responsible: While in the quest of receiving freebies in the name of tester products or trial samples, we stumble upon web pages that require a lot of our details for the purpose of marketing their products in the future. Unfortunately, scammers and fake distributors might use this information to indulge in unlawful activities of selling user’s personal information or using them to extract money. Henceforth, it is crucial to check the terms and conditions details with complete attention to detail, especially if it requires paying the shipping fees.
  • Bear patiently: Sometimes, due to a high demand for any specific product that is well received among consumers, they face an influx of orders at a time. Manufacturers also face difficulty in meeting such unprecedented demands; therefore, being consumers, one should have patience if the delivery is taking longer than expected. Some of these trial packs also have a specific timeframe for availability. 
  • Good news for sensitive skin-holders: A lot of us are very skeptical about trying new products because of the adverse effect it has on our largest sense organ. A sampling of products is a life-saver for such folks because at least they can now check the compatibility level of their skin with any new product by trying out the samples. They don’t have to burn holes in their wallet to try once because without this “trying before buying” concept, they will be economically drained apart from facing allergic reactions.

The popularity of these sample products has opened the door to endless possibilities and multiple explorations for consumers. It is a strategy that’s winning on both sides, that is, consumers’ experience and brands’ establishment. Shopping apps India is offering are a few in number who encourage sustainable practices and provide authentically sourced products. Online sampling seems to be a marketing technique that will garner user satisfaction and decent revenue in the long run. Beauty enthusiasts, skin experts, and influencers are using this as a tool to promote awareness and recognition of different brands and their respective offerings. 

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