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As an app developer, you should know that there are more than 4 million mobile apps in the world. Every day at least 50 new apps get introduced on either of the app stores(play store & iOS app store) In such a fierce place, if you want to maximize your profit you need to stay ahead of your competitors. One way to attract an audience is to publicize your product. This is a critical move without which you may not be having the audience that you want.

Mobile app marketing is one of the crucial steps for ensuring a good business. Developing alone is not enough. Until and unless you market your app, you cannot ensure your app’s success. Branding your app is very crucial and an important thing to do. Advantages are many and thereby every developer should work towards this. So, in this article, we will talk about some simple techniques that you can follow for effective mobile app branding. 

  • Use social media: To many, social media might seem like a waste of time. But, the value of social networking platform in building your app brand and to enhance its reach cannot be ignored. In fact, social media can be your tool to success. Facebook and twitter can be effectively used to pre-market your app well before it’s launched. This can help spread your app’s presence. This has yet another advantage. With an extensive reach in social media, you can keep people aware of your app’s presence and also interact with them. This not only helps in establishing a connection but also helps to brand your mobile app. 
  • Newspapers and TV: People like entertainment and this is the reason that TV is still popular. Newspapers and TV is undoubtedly one of the best medium for advertising your product and this is indeed an excellent way to brand your app. When people see something in TV, it automatically catches attention and makes them trust your product. Newspapers again are one of the most widely known platform for advertising and thus it can be used to market your app. 
  • App Competitions: Taking part in competitions can definitely help you to brand your mobile app. Winning in a competition can definitely be a tough task but participating alone is a big deal. Taking part in any prestigious app competition can help you to improve your app’s image. And if your app really stands out, you might win and this can definitely help to effectively brand your app. 
  • Customer Connections: Yes, connection is the key. Making connection with the customers is very important in today’s scenario. If your customer support is good, then people will obviously tend to trust your product. Attention should not be on growing your network. In fact, your focus should be on developing connection with your already available base of users. Retention of any app is very hard and unless you keep your users notated, you have no scope of securing your app business. 
  • Develop Content: Content development is very important if you want to brand your app. Content plays a very important role in branding. Without a proper and effective content, you cannot expect to market your app. Having a good content will lead to making better advertisements, better write-ups for blogs and also help you in social media outreach. The best way is to hire content writers and develop good quality content. 
  • Use a personal website: First things first, before you start with strategizing for branding your app, you need to make a website. Having a website gives a professional touch to your business and gives you a platform to connect with people and probable consumers. This can help you to gain trust for your app and also make your app an essential competitor in the app market. 
  • Blogs: Blogs are too important to be ignored. From notifying customers regarding latest releases to taking grievances and complaints, blogs give you the platform to bridge the gap between users and developers. In this cycle of networking, blog can help you to brand your app and connect to customers as well. If you don’t have a blog yet, make one and get started. 

Branding an app is very crucial in the market. Brand recognition is vital if you want your product to stay alive in the market. According to statistics, around 60,000 apps in Android are termed as dead. This is due to inactivity where not-branding of app is a major cause. If your app is known, then the chances of growth increase and so does trust and goodname. That is why every developer should carefully strategize plans for app branding and should also take considerable measures to market their app. 

Where to go for help? 

This might be a bit tricky for most of you. Every entry level developer faces problems when they enter the app business. This is normal too. To help you out, there are a large number of app store optimization agencies who create specialised marketing plans customized as per your app requirements. These aso companies provide marketing solutions and help your app to perform better in the market thereby helping you to increase your app downloads and installs. There are many websites also which provides round the clock support for all your app marketing needs. Today, Bangalore is seeing a surge in the number of top app store optimization companies which cater to the needs of the growing developers community. What are you waiting for now? You have all the resources at your fingertips. All you need is a good team and the right attitude and the app market is yours.  

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