10 Kitten Breeds That Require Extra Care And Attention

Kittens, like human infants, require special care and attention to ensure their health and well-being during their early stages of life. Caring for kittens involves dedication, time, and attention, but the rewards are immense as you watch them grow into healthy and happy adult cats.

Certain kitten breeds may require special care and attention due to their unique characteristics or potential health concerns. So, meet your vet for personalized guidance and advice tailored to your kitten’s specific needs. At the same time, consider being equipped with kitten insurance.

Kitten insurance NZ allows you to provide urgent vet care during challenging times of health with little economic stress, which is why you should consider it.. Meanwhile, read this article to learn about kittens that need super ultra care from their owners.

Kitten breeds that may benefit from extra care


Persian kittens are known for their long, luxurious coats, requiring regular grooming to prevent matting and skin issues. Daily brushing and periodic baths are essential to maintain their coat’s health and appearance.


Siamese kittens are highly social and vocal cats. They thrive on human interaction and can become anxious when left alone for extended periods. They benefit from a lot of attention and playtime to prevent boredom and behavioral issues.


Sphynx kittens are unique due to their lack of fur, making them vulnerable to temperature extremes. They require protection from cold weather and can also be prone to skin issues, demanding skincare routines and regular baths.

4.Scottish Fold

Scottish Folds are known for their unique folded ears, sometimes leading to ear problems and potential hearing issues. Regular ear cleaning and monitoring are crucial to maintain their ear health.


Bengal kittens are highly active and need plenty of mental and physical stimulation. They may exhibit destructive behavior if not given enough attention and playtime. Providing interactive toys and play sessions can help satisfy their active nature.


Ragdolls are gentle and sociable, often forming strong bonds with their owners. They can become stressed if left alone for extended periods. Regular companionship and interaction are essential to their health and wellness.

7.Maine Coon

Maine Coons are one of the largest domesticated cat breeds. They may have specific dietary needs and require a larger living space. Additionally, their long, thick fur needs regular grooming to prevent matting.

8.Devon Rex

Devon Rex cats have short, curly coats requiring less grooming than a few other breeds. However, they are sensitive to temperature changes and may need extra warmth in colder climates.


Burmese kittens are highly energetic and playful, requiring daily play and exercise to prevent obesity. They can also be prone to dental issues, so dental care is essential.

10.Special needs kittens

Some kittens are born with disabilities or health conditions that require specialized care and attention. These kittens may need assistance with mobility, feeding, or medication management.

Regardless of the breed, all kittens benefit from regular vet examinations, proper nutrition, vaccinations, and a loving, safe environment. It’s essential to research the specific needs of your chosen breed and talk to a vet or breeder for guidance on providing the best care for your kitten.

At the same time, consider signing up for kitten insurance because it can be incredibly helpful for young kittens. Kitten insurance in NZ often covers various veterinary expenses, including accidents, illnesses, and medical emergencies. Contemplate purchasing a policy as vet bills can quickly add up and drain your savings.

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